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I am Alex Schmidt, the designer and the owner of Sugar Bear Studio. 


Sugar Bear Studio was born in Switzerland in 2018 and was inspired by the love for teddy bears and beautiful cakes.

How did I start creating cake toppers? I always admired beautiful cakes and the cute figures that came on top. I was always a creative person (I love drawing and painting) and I decided to take an online course on Craftsy to learn how such sugar models / cake toppers are made. I was amazed by the work of professionals and bought myself required materials (fondant and some basic tools) and made by first figure myself. It was a white teddy bear ;-). This first fondant teddy bear was an inspiration for the name "Sugar Bear Studio" later.


Another reason why my studio is called "Sugar Bear Studio" because I simply love teddy bears. I own a large collection of toy teddy bears (more than 60 at the moment) - each bear is a souvenir from a different country or a present from a friend or a relative.

Each cake topper is made with a great attention to details, using the highest quality fondant (sugar paste) and modelling paste (I mostly use a professional modelling paste Saracino).


To make sure that the cake toppers arrive to their recepient safely, they are carefully packed in paper boxes, which are filled with soft raffia gift box fillers (shredded tissue paper) - this ensures that the cake toppers do not break during shipping.


I create unique personalised cake toppers for birthdays, baby showers, christenings, gender reveal parties, weddings, anniversaries and other special events. If you have a custom order request, please use the Custom Order Form.

Thanks for shopping with me!


Alex from Sugar Bear Studio

Zurich, Switzerland

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